Energy Crisis (2007)
Incarceration Crisis (2007)
High School Dropouts (2007)
Chlamydia Epidemic (2007)
Domestic Violence (2006)
AIDS and Inequality (2006)
School Segregation (2006)
Community Violence (2006)
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Codman Senior Social Action Project
Whoever said that youth can?t change the world?

When youth band together in true dedication they can impact the world and change minds. This is the goal for the Senior Social Action Project at Codman Academy Charter Public School.  In 2006 and in 2007, the Codman senior classes worked on a variety of social issues?Community Violence, AIDS, Domestic Violence, School Segregation, the Energy Crisis, Incarceration, High School Dropouts, and the Chlamydia Epidemic?in order to bring inspiration and healing to the many members of our community who have been affected by these issues. This website documents our work to make change.

Click Here to read a letter of commendation written about our work from Salil Shetty, Director of the United Nations Millenium Campaign.

Our 2007 Social Action Issues

In 2007, we did extensive research on and engaged in social action toaddress the following issues. Please follow the links to read more about these Issues, our Social Actions, and our reflections.

  • Energy Crisis
    We are destroying our Earth.  Our dependence on oil causes the destruction of the environment and global political conflict.  The leading cause of our dependence on oil is our driving habits.  We need to make a change or our planet will be forever changed.
  • Incarceration Crisis
  • 2.2 million Americans live behind prison bars. The incarceration rate has gone up by 400% in the last 25 years. Would you want this to happen to your mother or father? Would you want this to happen to your daughter or son? Would you want this to happen to you? How can we find true justice?
  • High School Dropouts
    Approximately 4 million young adults are not currently enrolled in high school and do not have their high school diploma. We need to act immediately in order to reduce the dropout rate.

  • Chlamydia Epidemic
  • According to the 2006 Health of Boston Report, Chlamydia rates continued to rise every year from 1999 to 2004 with a total rise of 1,144 new reported cases in Boston alone during this 5-year period. We need your help to stop the rapid increase of Chlamydia infections that are spreading rapidly across our nation, especially among young people of color. America! How can we help our urban youth to protect themselves from this epidemic disease? What can we do to prevent the spread of this suffering?

Our 2006 Social Action Issues

In 2006, we did extensive research on and engaged in social action to address the following issues. Please follow the links to read more about these Issues, our Social Actions, and our Action Committees.

  • Domestic Violence
    Each year, approximately 1500 women are killed by current or former spouses or boyfriends. According to current data, women in America are
    experiencing violence every 15 seconds. What can we do about this un-discussed epidemic?
  • AIDs and Social Inequality
    In recent years, approximately 70% of all new HIV/AIDS cases in America, have come from the African American and Latino populations.
    Why is AIDS so deeply connected to racial inequality in America?

  • School Segregation
    In Boston, Schools are more segregated today then they were when desegregation busing began in the mid-1970s. Although Boston is nearly
    50% while, only 14% of Boston Public Schools students are white.America as a whole is ?resegregating?. Why is segregation and racial division still such a problem in America?

  • Community Violence
    In 2005, 75 people were murdered in Boston. 39 of these people were under the age of 25. Why is youth violence plaguing America?s urban centers?Why is this violence on the rise?

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